Western Province Still an Integral Part of UPND Growth and Governance Plan – Katuka

“The western province remains a very important and integral region in the UPND’s quest to form national government once elections are declared”, says UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka.

And Western province UPND Chairman Njamba Musangu says the traditional leadership in the province has rejected provisions of the constitutional amendments Bill 10 of 2019 and called on UPND members of parliament to do likewise.

Speaking when he officiated at the provincial youths and women conference in Mongu today, Mr. Katuka said the region’s contribution towards the growth of the UPND cannot be underestimated hence occupying a special place in the history of the party.

“I bring you fraternal greetings from your President Hakainde Hichilema who holds you the people of Western Province in high regard. Your contribution towards the growth of the UPND cannot be questioned and I urge you to continue holding onto the belief in the UPND vision for a better Zambia. In 2016,out of 18 members of parliament in this province, the UPND got 15. All the 15 Councils are headed by UPND Mayors and council Chairpersons while the party has more than 180 councillors making it your party of choice. In this regard, President Hichilema and the UPND wish to say thank-you and thank you to this loyal cadre of supporters”, he said.

Mr. Katuka said it was for this reason that the party welcomes and appreciates events such as youth and women conferences as the coming together of the two groups that are major stakeholders in Zambia’s democracy is testimony that the party’s fibre is still intact.

He added that there could be no political victory, no vote protection, no development and no UPND without women and youths whom he described as the beacon of the party.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the UPND has embraced three pillars towards 2021 namely winning Big, protecting the vote and protecting it until President Hichilema is sworn in as Republican President. This is where this group becomes very cardinal. There is also need for us as a party to remain united if we are to attract new members who will in turn help in growing the numbers in readiness to achieve our three pillars. Engage in vigorous membership recruitment activities as 2021 shall only be won once our 2016 numbers are doubled. Let us all work at ensuring that young ones are encouraged to obtain National Registration Cards(NRCs).Work with your Members of Parliament, Mayors and Chairpersons as well as councillors who are so far doing a commendable job and identify young potential voters. To the elected leaders, we as the national management committee appreciates your services and sacrifices. We shall only grow and achieve our targeted goal by working as a team”,the UPND Secretary General said.

Meanwhile, Provincial Chairman Njamba Musangu called for Unity among Party members in the Province as he appealed to All Western Province Members of Parliament not to betray the People in the Province by supporting Bill 10.

Mr. Musangu said the province together with its traditional leadership have rejected Bill 10 hence the need for MPs to stand with the People.

The conference was attended by Youths and women drawn from all the 15 districts of western province, National youth and women leaders, the provincial leadership and several Mongu residents.




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