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Charles Malambo

I can’t wait for 2021. We have suffered… There is a lot of anguish on people’s faces. My President you will definitely deliver. I would like to see you working hand in hand with Paul Kagame who has since turned the face of Luanda in shortest period of time. I further look forward to be part of your able and delivering government in 2021.

Be blessed my President!


Thank you very much. Vote protection will be key

Thank you

Dr Isaac Gibson

Dear Sir,

1. “Paramount of all we shared our vision as UPND to accelerate economic and social development in Zambia to create jobs and look after the sick, the children and the old. In estimates, I am being conservative, they made investment pledges of US $25.8 billion,” Mr Hichilema said.

Question: Please elaborate!! How do you wish to achieve this goal … job creation? Are you able to project how many jobs will be created in different sectors of the economy, e.g. mining, agriculture, healthcare? Give real numbers, for instance in your first 100 days of your governance, in 6 moths or in 12 months to demonstrate your real desire and goal to reduce unemployment in the country to a significantly low rate in your first term of governance.

2. “A consortium of US investors has pledged to invest more than $ 5.4 billion towards the country’s green energy investment as a way of averting the escalating electricity load shedding once the United Party for National Development (UPND) forms government.”

Question: What renewable generation portfolios are you targeting, As these US companies have to supply this green energy at a profitable rate (for their investors in the USA), compared to hydroelectricity power, how affordable do you think will the other renewable energy sources be to the majority of Zambians – low-income Zambians, as you may agree with me there is really no middle-income group in Zambia?

What are your plans to take development to other parts of Zambia, other than Lusaka and the Copperbelt?

Thank you.

Evans Kalaba

Good day Dr Isaac Gibson,

Your questions are being attended to, a response will be given as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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