UPND SA thanks UPND and Independent MPs who stood fearlessly to protect Zambians from the Evil of Bill 10

UPND South Africa wishes to place on record our appreciation for the work being done by our gallant  Members of Parliament  who stood firm and continually look for ways to protect the Zambian people from the  enactment of the evil Bill 10.
Our Members of Parliament  despite being in the minority are doing all they can to protect the country from the draconian and dictatorship  being sought by the PF government through Bill 10.

Bill 10 is an evil document as first of all, it does not emanate from the will of the people but that of the select few in PF who want to take the country to dictatorship for their own selfish reasons.
As one constitutional law expert from the prestigious Wits University in Johannesburg  mildly put it, this bill once  enacted into law,  the PF in parliament using their majority  is able to prescribe into law unilaterally what they want to do without a two third majority. They can choose to do whatever they want in parliament including  constituency  delimitations of the country and increase number of MPs in their strong holds and reduce number of MPs in other provinces and render those provinces dysfunctional without public representations. Thy can literally do as they please and they become a law unto themselves. If Bill 10 is enacted into law, the PF can incur national debt without  the oversight of a parliamentary process  for their own selfish pockets with no care for debt repercussions for the country  as we have already seen. The Bank of Zambia will  become a savings account for the PF Ministers and more especially Chagwa Lungu with his infinite love for corruption and  love  for foreign trips and shopping in London, Dubai, Paris and New York for their families. They can prescribe a law to bar whoever they want including President HH to stand  in national elections as they would need only a simple majority to do that instead of a two third majority.

It is the reason you saw statements from one disgraced incompetent lawyer by the name of Tutwa Ngulube who has never even argued a constitutional  case in court before a competent judge, prematurely issue those social media statements claiming it is game over for someone. Who is that someone? Let PF tell us.

Any constitution and law enacted to punish an individual is evil and devilish as human beings come and go. A good constitution must stand the test of time hence the process to develop it must be consensus and meet basic principles of good governance. We will need a good constitution even after HH. A  good constitution should not target HH but  all Zambians.
It is therefore  an understatement to call Bill 10 evil as it is simply satanic, barbaric and belongs to stone age politics and we must soldier on as Zambians to reject it at all cost.

We call on our  MPs to soldier on and fight with all their fibre and their good conscious as history of Zambia will record them as gallant progressive   freedom activists by future Zambian generations. Theirs is a noble cause and we must appreciate the gallant work they have done so far.

We condemn those MPs in our ranks who have chosen pieces of silver from PF over the aspirations of the Zambian people and the constituencies they represent.They have chosen the wealthy of this earth in order to satisfy their own selfish appetite for riches. Just like Judas Iscariot in the Bible , their evil conscious and their guilty shall be their portion and almighty God shall be their judge.

We urge our party to deal with them decisively and expel them from our ranks with immediate effect. Dishonourables Lungwangwa, Mukumbuta and Kasonso must be kicked out from the party immediately for representing their own pockets instead of the people who elected them. Our people of Nalikwanda, Senanga and Solwezi deserve much better leadership than  these selfish traitors. Many youth and gallant   women stand ready to take over those constituencies and proper them.

Once more, well done to our able  parliamentary caucus and our top leadership for effective strategising. The leadership of the party and our Mps have began to show the Zambian people the critical thinking and thought leadership required to manage Zambia by overcoming obstacles through thinking even when the odds are against one.

This is the kind of leadership the Zambian people can expect from the incoming UPND  government to take the country FOWARD. The fight and the struggle  continues.


Issued by C.Nsama
UPND SA Spokesperson.
Press Office.

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