UPND rips PF Local Government Management and cautions Councillors not to fall prey to their monkey tricks

… quality leadership in Manyinga and Kabompo impresses top party leadership.

MAYINGA  – 28/05/2020

United Party for National Development deputy chairperson for Local Government and Housing Brian Ndumba says time is ripe for Zambians to consider regime change in light of the sufferings they have been subjected to by the ruling  Patriotic Front government.

And Mr Ndumba says it’s political naivety for the Patriotic Front to be buying opposition UPND councillors to cause by elections instead of utilizing the resources for developmental programmes.

“The Patriotic Front government has not only mismanaged the economy but subjected the majority of Zambians to untold poverty and misery. Buying’ opposition political party councillors will not fix the problem they have brought upon this country,” Mr Ndumba said.

Mr Ndumba, a local government expert, said this when he addressed councillors and party officials from the sister districts of Maninga and Kabompo.

“In the mind of PF, the two provinces (Western and North Western) have become ‘ripe’ for harvesting councillors deemed unprincipled. But why should some councillors fall prey to PF manoeuvres when the youngest UPND councillor in Northern province rejected an offer straight from Edgar Lungu’s lips?

Mr Ndumba told the gathering that President Hakainde Hichilema is grateful to all the councillors who have been steadfast and resisted PF abuse of the Local Government sector.

He encouraged them to remain steadfast saying “without doubt, the tone across the nation is that UPND is forming government come 2021, so be part of the victorious team,” said Ndumba.

And the North Western province strongman Colonel Grandson Katambi informed the gathering that the intra-party elections underway were a constitutional requirement and not meant to destroy what the party members have built.

“After the 2016 elections, the party went down and became very heavy on the shoulders of very few dedicated individuals. There are some people here in Manyinga, and in Kabompo who held on to the UPND from the ruins of stolen victory in 2016 up to date. We value and respect you all for your outstanding work,” Col. Katambi said.

Mr Ndumba assured the councillors and party officials that once in office, the UPND shall run an effective PEOPLE FIRST Local Government system.


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