Uncaring PF Government must start providing relief food from the Disaster Management Office immediately

We urge the unpatriotic and uncaring PF government to start imitating other caring  governments whose people have been affected badly by the effect of coronavirus to immediately start  providing relief food to stressed vulnerable citizens on the verge of starvation during this period of restricted movement that Zambia is experiencing. Many of our people are now struggling for basic foods and we know the  Disaster Management  office under the office of the Vice President has enough money to provide food to the less privileged during this difficult time.

It is totally unacceptable and uncouth that the Disaster Management office only seems to be active during bye elections by providing bags of mealie meal and other food parcels whenever elections and political rallies are happening. In most times when there is actually no disaster. This is morally wrong and further illustrates the misplaced priorities of the PF government.

Their priority has always been to remain in power, by hook or by crook, instead of serving our Zambian people. This time around, our poor people need real help from their government. This is the time for the Zambian government to use the funds allocated to disaster management for a real disaster, as the coronavirus pandemic is a disaster to the country.  Disaster Management fund is not for bye elections and should not be used as a PF tool to buy votes.
We therefore plead with the government and the Disaster Management  office to immediately start doing what they are actually supposed to be doing  in the compounds of Kalingalinga in Lusaka, Malota in Livingstone and Imwiko in Mongu and many others, by distributing food parcels to our starving people.

That job must already have started prior to the restricted movements being announced by the government. This would have ensured that the people have adequate food in their houses to enable them to endure  this very trying period.

We  call on all MPs to have a list of all indigent  people from their constituencies and that the send it to the office of the Vice President, so that under the Disaster Management office they are provided with food parcels to last them to the end of these trying times.
The coronavirus becomes life threatening when people have other underlying health situations like hunger, compromised immunity and poor malnutrition  and we urge the government to protect  the lives of fellow Zambians by acting in the interest of Zambians especially the  underprivileged, who are most vulnerable before any further restricted  actions are implemented to avoid people dying of starvation.

Issued by C. Nsama.
UPND SA Press Office.

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