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On this press freedom day, we recognise the countries making strides towards the realisation of press freedom. Zambia is among the 29% in the world where the press operates in what is called “difficult situation”, a level below “Very Serious.” The deterioration has continued.

We have learnt with deep shock, the death of PP President and Alliance partner, Mike Mulongoti. Our deep condolences to the family. We call upon everyone to put them in their prayers. MHSRIP

Colleagues it’s with deep shock to receive the news of the death of Hon Mwashingwele, our MP for Katuba. May her soul rest in peace

On labour Day, we should remember that jobs are about more than getting a salary. They allow us to take care of our family and loved ones, to save for a rainy day and allow us to make plans. Let us commemorate this day with this deep reflections.

High cost of borrowing has caused a large company like Lamasat to go into receivership with its 700 staff facing an uncertain future. If Lamasat with its credit lines can experience financial woes from a slowdown in business, an SME has little chance of survival.

The economic environment has become hostile to business. The cost of doing business has gone up. ZESCO has been allowed to increase its tariff by over 90%. Interest rates keep going up, and the high cost of borrowing has caused large companies to go into receivership.

We must protect people who choose to organize a union in their workplaces. The unions in Zambia have collapsed and we see civil servants going for days without pay as they have no representation. Such a cadre can never be productive as they are demotivated.

The number of public institutions that are struggling with payments of salaries is growing by day. ZAMPOST, the Councils, NHA, the Universities and even civil servants are not being paid on time. Yet today they will be required to line up and “celebrate” labour day.

As we commemorate Labour Day today, we look at the labour landscape in Zambia and have no good reason to celebrate. Companies are laying off workers, just a few days ago Avic put over 100 workers on forced leave. Miners are being laid off and the employment freeze at KCM.

It’s undeniable that the majority of Zambians are suffering under the PF. High unemployment rate, high cost of living, unpaid civil servants and suppliers, will not be distracted by petty politics. We will continue fighting for you. #ChangeisComing2021

It is sad that in the 21st Century, our brother @DrKambwili had to be evacuated from appearing on Radio because of unruly & violent PF cadres. This must stop now!

We reaffirm the statement from our Secretary General that our job is not to fix people, but to fix the economy.

Our nation was built on a strong foundation by gallant men and women. We appreciate their hard work and sacrifice for our liberation. Our job as a generation is to carry on where they left off, it’s the only way to honour them.

When we alerted the PF about where the bad decisions and actions were taking us, we were called bitter. Our economy is now in a mess but we shall be focused on turning it around.

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