Take 2021 Election Personal – UPND Youth Leader

UPND Deputy National Youth Chairperson Subeta Mutelo has urged fellow youths to take the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2021 as a personal and private matter close to their hearts.
Mrs Mutelo was speaking at a UPND District Youth Conference in Kasama yesterday. She told the enthusiastic cheering delegates that the only sure way to dislodge the PF from power is through a massive voter turn out and not through violence.
“Our President Hakainde Hichilema has counselled that violence is not the best method to fight the PF, the best way to dislodge them is through the ballot by way of a massive turn out in 2021 and this as youths, we must take absolutely personal”, said Mrs Mutelo.
She however warned that if the PF uses violence against peaceful UPND supporters, they will have no choice but to defend themselves.
The UPND Youth leader further noted that the PF had a strategy to weaken the Zambian youth by destroying the education system in Zambia so that they are left with an ignorant population that will not demand governance accountability.
“They are busy intimidating the student population and closing down higher institutions of learning on one hand, while canvassing for Doctorates awards from the same institutions on the other. Does that make sense? They want no one left to question their plunder of our national wealth by ensuring they have an uneducated population”, charged Mrs Mutelo.
Mrs Mutelo implored the youth delegates to be mindful of the future as the actions they take currently will define the character of Zambia in future.
“Let’s be serious with what we do now. Our action now, in whichever way will impact our nation positively or negatively many years from now. What we do now influences the direction of our beloved country in future. If we choose to be irresponsible and corrupt now, this negative reflection awaits us and our children in future”.
The UPND youth leader and her entourage are on a tour of the Northern regions of Zambia.

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