Simple Majority and not Two Thirds required for Constitutional Amendment Bill Motion on the Order Paper for Today

Contrary to public perception and expectations, the National Assembly of Zambia today on the floor of its House is not expected to deal with the famous Constitutional amendment Bill 10 of 2019.

What is expected to be brought to the house is a motion permitting the National Assembly to restore the amendment Bill 10 whose lifespan had expired on August 31st, 2 019 after it was introduced and withdrawn by the Minister of Justice on August 2nd, 2019.

Government wishes to therefore seek the authority of the House today to reintroduce the constitutional amendment Bill and this process merely requires a rule of simple majority.

Should that authority be granted by the simple majority, which is expected, the Government will then most likely bring the Bill for second reading tomorrow or any other day for debates and voting.

Only then shall the two – thirds majority be required to pass it. Today nothing much is expected other than permitting it back on the order paper or a complete withdrawal by the Executive.


Click to view Video – Bill 10 debated

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