Proffessor Lungwangwa Representing Himself in PF Bill 10 and not the Constituency

United Party for National Development Western Provincial Chairman Njamba Musangu has wondered in whose interest Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Geoffrey Lungwangwa’s decision to remain in the House when his fellow MPs walked out during the restoration of Bill 10 in parliament early this month.

Mr Musangu said this when he addressed youths and women at the Provincial conference held at the Party Secretariat in Mongu yesterday.

He said the Patriotic Front is running out of the people’s time because of its failures to fulfil the promises they made when they came into power.

He said there is no one who can trust Patriotic Front because of it’s lies, theft and corruption leading to the high poverty level in the western province.

And Nalikwanda District Information and Publicity Secretary Siyubwa Nayuni has demanded for the immediate disciplining of Professor Lungwangwa for failing to adequately represent them in parliament and instead chosen to represent Edgar Lungu and his government.

Mr Nayuni said Professor Lungwangwa’s act is embarrassing to the Constituency as it proves that he was a wrong choice for the people of Nalikwanda.

“His conduct has of late been suspicious and had even asked us to whether it would be good to invite President Edgar Lungu to the constituency.
The request shocked us because it is the same Edgar Lungu who has contributed to the high  poverty levels being experienced in the area, he said.

Other Officials said there is no way they would be represented by someone who does not agree with their views especially on the draconian BILL 10 which even the traditional leadership does not support.

They accused Professor Lungwangwa of working with PF members in the Constituency an indicator that he is not working for the people of Nalikwanda who voted for him to go to Parliament but for the Patriotic Front government with reasons only known to himself.



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