HH for President of Zambia | Change is coming in:

Diaspora Call to action

Membership with value

Zero tolerance to corruption
Corruption is a cancer that needs eradication. UPND will eradicate it
Fight poverty
Fight poverty and democratic failures
Job Creation
Create youth employment and opportunities
Participate towards change. Donate
Per month
End human rights abuse
End media closures
No office abuse
Create youth employment
Allow Zambians to own land
Create youth business opportunites

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You are the change. Donate
per month
End cadre violence
End police brutality
Lower cost of living
Lower Taxes
Uphold freedom of speech
Good governance to be implemented

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2021 year of change. Donate
per month
Equitable education for all citizens
Free Education
Sustainable economic growth
Empower rural communities
Industrial growth
Quality infrastructure

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People Power. Donate
per month
Quality Jobs
Stable currency
Government positions on merit
All equal before the law
Expenditure prudence
Independent institutions

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