President HH Oxygen and Democracy Sumary



AGRICULTURE -Prioritize this sector to secure food for our people and earn revenue by exporting.


Produce and give free fertilisers, vaccines etc and seed on time to farmers.


Pay farmers on time and on good flow prizes.



MINING -Provide stable policies that assures stability and room to plan well on short/long term plans.


Issue small scale mining licences to Zambians.


Protect all investment whether Public or private.



DEBT MOUNTAIN -Restructure debt portfolio.


Reschedule debt payment.


Stop borrowing but when need be borrow at low interest rates and for income generation investments.



REVENUE – maintain VAT system but strengthen its weakness.


Set mutual agreement that merits GRZ but not demerit institutions that pay.


Invest VAT funds in income generating and pay back on time.


Remove unnecessary taxes e.g bore hole levy etc.


Lower taxes to encourage payments and have adequate systems that capture all.



ENERGY – Lower electricity tariffs.


Lower fuel prices.


Remove third parties in fuel procurement.


NOTE: Energy a bench mark on any production cost.



HEALTH – Ensure medicines in all hospitals.



EDUCATION – Free education to all.



CORRUPTION – Zero tolerance to corruption.


Set a commission to review all government contracts.


Strengthen while making independent of ACC, DEC, FIC, Police, Judiciary, etc.



NOTE: On Lungu’s presidential ranting HH said GOD holds the future and not Lungu.



Support UPND for a better Zambia.


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