Prayer for the Nation

On this day of prayer, our heavenly father we call upon your holy name to prevail on the nation. Our God and father we know and acknowledge that as a Christian nation, you alone are our sanctuary. That on this day we submit the country of Zambia to you for abundant blessings.

Heavenly father we understand and acknowledge that indeed you have bestowed the leadership of earthly beings to man. Man has his own frailties and fallibilities. It is for this reason God that we call on you to provide the guidance to the men and women who are in charge of the affairs of the state to live by your calling. We therefore call upon you Lord to give the leadership wisdom that goes beyond their own understanding. We call on you Lord that you will give them the wisdom to resist the temptation to use their power for their own benefit but rather for the service to your people our God. Heavenly father we ask that you humble their hearts.

Heavenly father I pray for the people of Zambia. Father we may falter from time to time, but father we ask that as a nation collective you give us the wisdom to discern good from evil. Give us the courage Lord to call evil by its name and make a commitment to address it. May you fill the nation with peace, love and harmony, may you deliver us from the clutches of hate that threaten the unity of your people and the motherland Zambia. Father we ask that as a people you give us leadership that will deliver this country closer to you. A leadership that will ease confusion. A leadership that will commit to address and heal delusion. Father we ask for a leadership that will expose illusion that takes advantage of your children. Father we submit to glory and your honour.

Father God as you guided us in 1 Timothy 1:1-3 and you said “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people; for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness; This is good, and pleases God our Saviour,”

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for the healing of the nation.



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    In the midst of Political Violence, misuse and stealing of Public Resources, Sending Political Party cadres to fight their fellow citizens and kill those do not agree with your administration among other sorts of evil acts being practiced by Big figures whom we have entrusted with Political Power in this Christian Nation of Ours whose values, our cherished history and rich culture is worth defending, the current trend by Politicians is something that I find to be a Mockery to the Christianity history, culture, norms and beliefs which have made us to be who we are as Zambia.
    The Kenneth Kaunda time had heroes who emboldened us with courage, The Chiluba time had the energetic ringleaders of revolution. The Mwanawasa time had beheld Patriots who inspired us with hope and stirred us with passion. We had Sata whose dream was cut short before it came to pass.
    Wise Leaders are those who put the good of their People and their own Country First! The Future of Zambia belongs to True Patriots. At the midst of sufferings and unaffordable Basic needs in a daily life of the majority of Zambians, We are in need a national Administration which will embark on an exciting program of national renewal, an Administration of true Patriots which will focus on empowering the dreams and aspirations of Its citizens. We are in need of an Administration which will not steal from the Poor but Give to the Poor. We are Looking for an Administration which will make the stock market to hit high records after high records, an Administration which will help more Zambians to build wealth and secure their futures through needed tax cuts and reforms, the Administration which will bring jobs to our country and the Administration that will Improve Employment Conditions of Service for each and every Zambian worker across all fields of work.
    On this National Day of Prayer, I am saying that this day has lost its value and meaning to Christianity. From the Bible, we learn that when you Sin and seek for forgiveness, Go and sin no more and from this fact we should question ourselves that why should a group of People, Politicians whom we entrust with Power Steal from us, arm their cadres to Kill themselves, abuse authority and make us suffer, go for the National day of Repentance in August and go back to the same unfair acts? The whole scenario is something that I find to be a total mockery to our national values built on the Principles of Christianity and a rich Zambian Culture of good will.
    Let us Pray Hard so that the thieves in those Jackets of Leadership, so that those who received illegal salaries and allowances at the expense of poor us may repent and Give us back our Stolen Scarce National Resources which our Country needs more than ever for national development and for the benefit everyone including we the Poor.


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