PF’s Kebby is an Attention Seeking Hypocrite

We have noted with profound astonishment an attempt by PF Member of Central Committee Kenny Mbewe who has embarked on what he calls a protest walk from Lusaka to Livingstone, against what he says is tribalism by the people of Southern Province. This kind of grandstanding and comedy can only be familiar to a party that is losing relevance and identity like the PF.

For the record and for our citizens that don’t know, Mr. Mbewe is currently based in the Provincial Capital of Southern Province, Choma District, where he freely plies his trade and businesses with the local people there. That is what all our people regardless of ethnicity in the Province are known for.

Mr Mbewe owns ‘Leon Lodges and Hotels’ in Southern Province and does all his PF politics from Choma without any difficulties from the local communities there.

In fact, one would have expected Mr. Mbewe to be Southern Province’s ambassador of peace by preaching to the other hardcore known PF tribalists, as revealed by the Commission of inquiry on Voting patterns, and the yellow pages of PF tribalism, on how he manages to conduct his activities in that region peacefully and without problems.

It is also note worth noting that the police have sanctioned such as a highly divisive exhibitionist behaviour, when they cannot allow citizens who want to protest against high levels of corruption, increased electricity loadsheding, high mealie meal prices, depreciation of the Kwacha, and other economic challenges being faced by citizens.

As UPND in Southern Province, we can only wish Mr. Mbewe a safe and enjoyable walk as we shall offer him Chibwantu, mabisi, and other food stuffs on the way through snakes and other wild animals.

We can guarantee him more freedoms and economic opportunities to achieve in his attention seeking road show and assure him that by the time he will be approaching his half way mark which should be around 2022, a more responsible UPND government under Mr. Hakainde Hichilema will have been in power.

Bon voyage!

*Neto Halwabala*
*UPND Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary*


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