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HH Praying for Zambia

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Godwin Mwiya

Zambians are aware , we are aware that the PF has begun a vicious propaganda machine against President HH.You have seen a lot of documentaries and attacks against innocent and genuine HH.I think this heightened propaganda is not going anywhere.These are last kicks of a dieing horse and Zambians now want change. President Edgar Lungu and his government are not doing anything to resolve the country’s economic malaise.The country has been grounded to a halt and the government is not doing anything to arrest the situation. Load shedding continues, the kwacha falls to new lows, and prices are once again on the increase, the PF seem to do a little more than throw their hands up in the air and blame forces beyond their control.This reaction has damaged confidence in Zambia’s current leadership and as UPND we should take advantage of this situation.The question now is what can be done to turn things around.The answer is regime change. Let’s get united and organize the structures, resolve all leadership wrangles in the structures.Mobilize the people at the grassroots and ensure we identify potential voters in 2021.Help people obtain NRCs and be registered as voters.Mobilize all the necessary resources and embark on polling station campaigns and door to door campaigns.This can obviously usher HH to Plot 1 and UPND form government.God Bless HH! God Bless UPND! God Bless Zambia!


Thank you, this will be shared in our meetings, discussed and implemented. We value such inputs.



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