HH for President of Zambia | Change is coming in:


His Excellence Hakainde Hichilema (HH) is a Zambian politician, farmer and businessman. He is a proud father of three and a devoted husband to his wife, Mutinta.

H.E HH was born into humble beginnings in the town of Monze on June 4, 1962. As a youth, he went to Kaloma Secondary School, where he studied hard before being admitted to the University of Zambia on a full government bursary. H.E HH graduated with a BA in Economics and Business Administration in 1986 and went on to earn an MBA in Finance and Business Strategy from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

H.E HH is a lifelong and active member of the business community in Zambia, working with companies of all sizes both locally and internationally. He strongly believes in the potential of Zambia’s youth and in the importance of empowering them to unlock their entrepreneurial potential – achieving their dreams and creating jobs in the process.

H.E HH is also a committed member of the SDA Church and seeks to live his life by Christian values. Over the years, he has participated in various community projects, such as building clinics, schools, livestock dip tanks, dams and boreholes, as well as founding a cultural fund that finances the revival of traditional ceremonies in Zambia.

H.E HH has taken part in five elections to date, each time increasing the party’s share of the vote. During his time as an opposition politician, he has sought to share advice and guidance on how best to address the challenges facing our country, including the economy. HH also aims to be a voice for those who, like him, have been the subjects of persecution by the PF government. Having been wrongfully imprisoned for 127 days after the 2016 elections, H.E HH is a wholehearted advocate for upholding human rights and justice.

On 12 August 2021, H.E HH is running for president. He is asking for your vote because he is committed to delivering change by securing the economy, taking millions out of poverty and creating jobs for Zambians.