Obituary -Partricia Mwashingwele’s race to Manda Hill

No list of teachers turned politicians will be complete without former Mazabuka Girls Secondary School teacher Patricia Mwashingwele.
Born on 30th September, 1968 to Patrick Mwashingwele and Audrey Chisha Mwashingwele, Patricia Mwashingwele was the oldest in a family of seven.
She started school at Dominican Convent School in Kabwe in 1974; went to Holy Cross Convent in Livingstone in 1978 where her father worked for Zambia Railways Limited and she later went back to Broadway Primary School in Kabwe.
She later did all her secondary education at Kabwe Secondary School and completed in 1985.
Mwashingwele then went to the University of Zambia where she studied for her Diploma in Education. She later went back and did her Bachelors Degree as well as her Masters in Education at the same university.
She was a tutor at the University of Zambia from 2009 to 2013.
The former Katuba Lawmaker also served as Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Licencing Instructor for a year.
She further lectured at Nkurumah Teachers’ College in Kabwe as a senior lecturer of Physical Education and at Charles Lwanga Teacher’s College in Monze as a senior lecture for Physical Education as well as English.
She taught at many schools including Mazabuka Girls Secondary School in Mazabuka, Caritas Girls Secondary in Kabwe and also at the Learning Centre School in Botswana.
All in all, Mwashingwele had a fair share of interaction with pupils during her teaching career.
Her aspiration to see Katuba develop is what ignited her passion to abandon the classroom and venture into active politics in a bid to ably represent her people in Katuba Constituency of Chibombo District in Central Zambia.
Her first attempt to Manda Hill was in 2001 when she contested under the Heritage Party led by Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda. In that general election, she came out 6th after having managed to garner 388 votes as UPND’s Jonas Shakafuswa scooped the seat with 2,654 votes.
In 2013, she was one of the founding members of the Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) and served as the party’s vice-president.
In 2014, Mwashingwele participated in the Katuba By-Election which was occasioned by the death of Dr Patrick Chikusu. This time, she contested under the ticket of Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) led by Father Frank Bwalya.
Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it still to Manda Hill as Jonas Shakafuswa scooped the seat for the third time; this time under the opposition UPND beating his closest rival Moses Chilando of the PF.
In that election, Mwashingwele came out fifth after polling 393 while Shakafuswa cruised to Manda Hill with 4,781 votes.
After several attempts of wanting to represent the people of Katuba in Parliament, Mwashingwele’s time to be a law maker was near.
However, it was really dark before dawn for her. Her party the Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) was in April 2014 dissolved, the party president went to PF where it was green; other members equally went to seek company where they could be accommodated. And for Mwashingwele, her next family was the UPND.
In 2016, in what seemed like an impossible dream for Mwashingwele, become a reality. She applied for adoption under the UPND ticket and she was considered.
Her performance during the 2016 General Election was phenomenon as she gave her party president Hakainde Hichilema 16,324 votes while President Edgar Lungu polled 8,416 votes in Katuba Constituency.
Mwashingwele was declared Katuba Member of Parliament after she polled 13,076 votes against her closest rival Jonas Shakafuswa who polled 6,225. Shakafuswa was this time contesting on the PF ticket.
In the August House, Mwashingwele became one of the most eloquent and stunning female debaters who spoke with confidence from an informed point of view.
Unlike other unfortunate constituents, the people of Katuba were ably represented in Parliament by Mwashingwele who two weeks ago lost her husband; leaving three children behind. (Mutembo, Luyando and Nangoma).
My 45 minutes interview with her at The Post Newspaper on 30th September 2015 for the column “Meet Your Aspiring Candidates,” is what has prompted me to share with you this article on her race to Manda Hill.

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