Mr Edgar Lungu says PF members will Suffer if they Lose 2021 Elections

What is glaringly shocking about Mr Lungu’s statement is that he disengages himself from being held to account for whatever wrongs, and implicitly declares to PF members that ‘you are on your own’.

Now this is a reckless and irresponsible statement that is not only intended to induce fear and panic among PF supporters, but also underscores the fact that Mr Lungu lacks the will to lead, and also to take responsibility for his past, present and future actions.

This is also a clear admission that there is a prima facie case against Mr Lungu and his corrupt friends, and that they will suffer because they will be unable to access public resources any more. The PF members are suffering even with their Party in power. Unless of course they do not have 24 hours load shedding, unless they buy mealie-meal from different shops where its cheaper. Unless they go to different hospitals where medicines, water, surgical gloves and other supplies are readily available. Otherwise PF or no PF, Zambians are suffering under the PF, a party Mr Lungu leads.

We however want to assure all PF members that we recognize them as Zambians first before they are PF. They should not worry about Edgar Lungu losing an election, because in the real sense they would not have lost. They would have won their freedom of expression back, they would have won business opportunities, they would have won low mealie meal prices. They would have won over, long hours of load shedding. They would have won over, politics of sarcasm and violence. And most importantly, PF members and all Zambians will have won back their unity, and their country back once Mr Edgar Lungu is kicked out in 2021.

Everyone will be treated equally regardless of their political affiliation, ethnicity or religious background. Therefore PF members must not panic by Mr Lungu’s utterances. You are in safe hands.


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