Katuba will be well represented in Bampi Aubrey Kapalasa

Katuba Constituency is one of rural constituencies in Central province and Zambia at large with more than 43, 806 registered voters.
The late opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Member of Parliament Hon Patricia Mwashingwele was among hardworking and fearless current crop of MPs and will always remember her for speaking on behalf of Katuba people fearlessly M.H.S.R.I.E.P.
Nonetheless, Hon Kapalasa is the best candidate for Katuba Constituency not only that he is on easy to sale UPND ticket but because of being a local product from Chief Mungule area and knows exactly what people of Katuba wants. He runs a very big company called Frank Shewitt with several employees and determined to create more jobs for unemployed youths. Real deal already.
He [ Kapalasa] stood in 2016 as an Independent candidate and his performance was very good with slightly difference from what Jonas Shakafuswa got on PF ticket. Bampi is tasted and proved to be people’s choice.
It does not come with surprise to see unpopular Patriotic Front ( PF) panicking over UPND’s decision to adopt the reliable and visionary vibrant candidate. They will talk craps, flash out cash while distributing all sorts of goods bought using taxpayers money but victory is certain just like we did in Sesheke.

Vote Bampi for Prosperity!

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