Kabinga Pande desperate to fix Lungu’s popularity in Kasempa

… UPND Councillors shun ECL’s meetings in Kasempa.

Solwezi – 29/05/2020

PF Officials in Kasempa reportedly stranded with bags of money as UPND Councillors shun Edgar Lungu completely.

The Kasempa Council Secretary is in panic mode without an explanation regarding the whereabout of the Councillors which has angered Lungu .

Earlier former Kasempa  Member of Parliament, Kabinga Pande was seen running up and about with Patriotic Front officials looking for UPND Councillors ahead of Edgar Lungu’s visit.

Mr Lungu who is on a goose chase of UPND Councillors drew a blank in Chavuma yesterday as they turned down his offers.

Mr Mpande has sent word to UPND Councillors threatening to fire all of them if they do not show up at Mr Lungu’s meeting because their allegiance was to the Republican President and not Hakainde Hichilema.

In an effort to prove that the PF is making in-roads in North Western province, UPND  Kasempa Council Chairperson, Stanley Kaindu has had his portrait side-by-side with Mr Lungu on a Billboard as one enters Kasempa.

Mr Lungu who was due to arrive in Kasempa at 13:10 hours is scheduled to visit Senior Chief Kasempa and Chief Ingwe. He is also meeting village Headmen separately asking them to persuade their MP to support Bill number 10.

Later, he shall tour Kasempa market and meet PF District and ward officials before heading back to Kalumbila.


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