It’s Time for HH Says Lusaka Marketers

United party for National Development Youth leader Likando Mufalali last weekend held a confidential meeting with Marketers from various markets in Lusaka where they pledged to rally behind the candidature of Hakainde Hichilema. Speaking at the meeting Marketers from City Market said they were disappointed that President Edgar Lungu continues wasting taxpayers money on personal luxuries such the presidential jet instead of rebuilding City Market which was burnt down 2years ago.

“Uyu muntu (Edgar Lungu) alibe chifundo, market inapya mu 2017 but paka lelo kulibe vamene ba chitapo but bali bize kukugula na private jet instead yotandiza bantu banaba votela, olo nikuipa mutima si so” ( This person has no heart for the people, city market was burnt in 2017 but to date nothing has been done but yet the president can afford to buy himself a private jet) complained Marketers.

Marketers from garden house and Kamwala markets complained of harassments from PF cadres who force them to pay exorbitant market levies and traders from Intercity bus terminals revealed that they are forced to attend PF activities and sometimes they are given weapons to attack opposition political parties. Sadly, whoever refuses to do as commanded is charged a penalty of K1000 or sometimes chased from the market.

UPND National Youth chairman sympathized with the marketers and assured them that UPND youths will soon start effecting citizen’s arrest against PF cadres who victimize Marketers.

” We are sick and tired of these cadres harassing and stealing from marketers, from now onwards if anyone attacks or victimizes you in the markets just come and give the name and address where that person stays and we shall deal with him nicely and have such a one arrested. You are correct how can a president be more concerned about himself and not the warfare of the people who elected him? How many people are benefitting from the jet? No one. Yet millions of citizens survived on trading in markets, but president Lungu is not concerned, what a shame. Let me assure you that Hakainde Hichilema can never do that to you, look at him he is a millionaire but you won’t see him living a luxurious life or moving in fancy and expensive vehicles. He lives a simple life he is not someone who can go and buy himself a private jet when his fellow citizens  don’t have a market.” Said the UPND youth leader.

Speaking at the same meeting UPND national youth secretary Trevor Mwiinde said when elected in office his party will not replace PF cadres with UPND cadres in the markets but will allow relevant authorities to run all bus stations and markets in the country.

” Thank you for coming in such numbers to meet us, we know this meeting is confidential so be assured that no one will publish your names or photos. Just like the devil, PF want to destroy the country before leaving office. But we shall not allow them to do that as we shall stand up for our country even the issue of bill 10 expect country wide demonstrations by our youths very soon” said the youth secretary general.

The meeting which was held at a location in Kabwata ended with marketers pledging to support and vote for Hakainde Hichilema in 2021.


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