Impoverishing Citizens so they be Beggers, Case of PF during Elections

We have once again seen our colleagues in the PF doing what they are best  known for during every election, bribing voters.

The PF regime has been in power since 2011, and the late Chilubi constituency MP Hon. Rosaria Fundanga (MHSRIP) has held the seat since 2016. She was always lamenting about the challenges her people were going through in Chilubi constituency, such as lack of jobs, medical facilities such as ambulance, relief food for the hungry citizens, but nobody paid attention.

On our part as UPND, we spent most of the 2019 demanding for relief food for our hungry citizens, job opportunities, and other long term measures to address poverty in the country, but PF never listened. When we declared hunger as a national disaster and told those holding power to do the same so that we can attract local, regional and international support, this was not only ignored, but we were also threatened with arrest.

Today there is a by election in Chilubi constituency and some wards around the country, these are the places the PF think they need urgent relief food, ambulances and other unplanned development projects.

What message are we sending to the rest of the country where citizens are equally suffering now? Are we not openly implying that our citizens should be praying some misfortune happens to their elected representatives, MPs, Mayors, Council Chairpersons and Councillors, so that they can have temporal relief in their livelihoods through handouts?

And this is where we fundamentally differ with our colleagues in the PF, they focus on short term goals while we focus on long term sustainable development for our people.

Technically, the PF have impoverished our people while enriching themselves through corruption. Now they take the stolen money and want to pretend they care more by giving short term handouts purely for votes.

We are comforted that our citizens are seeing through these schemes, going by the recent election outcomes, where PF pumped lots of money and other gifts, citizens got the items, but still voted for us.

*Hakainde Hichilema*
*UPND President*

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  1. Mr President we are on the ground,we are telling voters the truth…p.f and us UPND do not use different shops, filling stations we are all affected because of p.f failure to govern and lack of a vision,they are looting tax payers money to the core,theft is at an industrial scale while us youth,women and children are do we convince our children that education is the key to success When we are surrounded by rich criminals and poor graduate The UPND is the only hope and help…. #ZAMBIANFORWAD#


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