HH Reveals His Torture and Humiliation in Prison

I was tortured, put in a room without water and light and spread with fresh feaces, UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has revealed.

Talking of his 127 days prison ordeal in April in 2017, President Hichilema stated that he had to endure the most excruciating treatment during his incarceration.

Addressing journalists at the Party Secretariat this afternoon, President Hichilema, who wondered how much hatred he has been showered with by the PF government for merely seeking public office, revealed that he was aware of a scheme to arrest him on being behind the gassing of citizens  curently going on in the country.

‘I have not forgotten how I was detained and tortured on a tramped up treason charge  in 2017. In Lilayi, I was put in a cell where the PF system went and smeared fresh feaces in the small room,’ he said.

He stated that though he had to endure a very painful 8-days detention at Lilayi Police, he has always restrained himself about furnishing the public with the details of his torture there.

‘I endured 8 days sitting in human faecal matter, with no water, no light and made to use a small tin as a toilet. It was not possible to use that tin. That is the humiliation that I went through the humiliation I suffered under the PF. My wife was only allowed to bring me a little quantity of water and food just to keep me alive,’ said President Hichilema.

Watch video – HH Reviews his Torture


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  1. Please please these people pf enough is enough if war within our country let it be , whether I will amongst the dead as long others be liberated.Mr president go look other communities to help fight these thugs.In soldiers , weapons etc do that please to balance the equation


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