Happy 55th Anniversary

It’s with profound gratitude and exceeding joy that we extend our heartfelt fraternal greetings to all citizens on the occasion of Zambia’s 55th birthday that falls on the 24th October 2019.

Let us commemorate this day by reflecting on the shared values that inspired our founding fathers and mothers to sacrifice their lives in the liberation of this nation from the shackles of colonialism.

Our Country was founded on the principles of unity in diversity, a core belief that must generate a re examination and introspection of our long held values, in light of the current economic, social and political challenges citizens of our generation are enduring.

We urge our citizens to embrace the vision of progress and stand up for these values by rejecting divisive concepts that tend to drive a wedge of our collective character as Zambians.

We all wish you a happy Independence week. Happy birthday Zambia!


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  1. My President, thank you so much for this message given to our citizens.Many are times people have cried that this day no longer add value to the people of Zambia because of the social and economic hardships we are going through.Worsestill, the wealth of the country is only enjoyed by a few privileged corrupt individuals.The majority are walloping in abject poverty.The rule of law is now a myth and justice is selective.You can’t get a job unless you are highly connected to the ruling party.Hospitals are now rest hostels because medicines are not just there. I cry for my Zambia,how will my grandchildren survive in this callous nation.Currupt people, criminals and dishonest characters are deemed to be real men and women to the expense of the majority loyal and law abiding citizens.My President at least your message gives hope to the many helpless and hopeless Zambians.May the Lord Bless you sufficiently and open all the doors for your political success.


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