Hakainde Hichilema Urges UPND Members to open their Hearts and Arms and warmly welcome new Members

Good Morning fellow citizens,

It is an indisputable fact that our party the UPND has achieved monumental growth to levels never witnessed since its founding many years ago. This exponential expansion correlates with the confidence and trust with which the people of Zambia have bestowed upon the party, despite numerous challenges that we have encountered along the way.

Indeed, our mailboxes and various other platforms, including far flung rural posts and township branches across the Republic, continue being bombarded with requests to join our party. It is clear that the people of Zambia are disenchanted with the PF’s mismanagement of the national affairs, and disillusioned by the grinding poverty that citizens are being subjected to.

It therefore calls for a change of attitude from all of us in order to manage this exponential growth, by opening our hearts and arms and warmly welcome the people. We are however saddened by some reports of some of our supporters that are not so welcoming to new membership because of certain insecurities, real or perceived. This is unacceptable and needs to be immediately addressed and nipped in the bud.

New members are saying, ‘HH, we want to join you, we are tired of PF corruption and violence, but some of your party supporters are unwilling to embrace us and use unpalatable language in various communications to us’. There is nothing that can be more retrogressive to the growth of the party than this kind of attitude.

We have a job to do fellow citizens, we need to rescue this country from cronyism, corruption, patronage and the breakdown in the rule of law. In order to do this, let’s not be fearful to new ideas being brought in by a diverse wealth of experiences, that can only be beneficial to the party and ultimately to the nation.

Every Zambian citizen of every colour, religious or regional background must feel welcome in our party and in the project to kick out PF in the 2021 elections. Let us work together in love and unit with which our founding fathers formed this nation.

Hakainde Hichilema

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