Hakainde Hichilema Responds to Edgar Lungu’s Threats

We feel compelled to respond to Mr Edgar Lungu’s veiled threats against opposition and other dissenting views regarding the forth coming tripartite elections in 2021. In his address, Mr Lungu “advised the police command not to be used by people with intentions to get power through illegitimate or dubious means”

We urge Mr Lungu to look in the mirror and tell us how he ascended to power and who has gotten where he is through dubious means. We are not in power because of his abuse of his powers to intimidate public institutions.

We wish to make it clear that the policemen and women are Zambians and are subjected to the same harsh conditions. In 2021 they will have to choose to stand with their fellow Zambians and should not accept to be used as tools against their parents, brothers, sisters, uncles and nieces who will chose to defend their victory. An order to crush Zambians is an order to crush their relatives who want a better life. We believe our police service is professional enough to be on the right side of history and choose to ignore unlawful orders that are meant to protect the selfish interest of the few who are scared to hand over power for fear of facing the law for their unbridled appetite for corruption and plunder of public resources. 2021 will be a deciding year where the police will have to choose to stand either with the majority suffering or the few selfish individuals.

2021 uwafitala akaimwenapo!


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