Give us a permit anywhere on the Copperbelt to prove our popularity

As UPND we don’t believe in self cheating by ferrying people from outside any town; we are simply enjoying more popularity than PF. We therefore challenge PF to give us a permit to hold a rally anywhere on the Copper belt to prove our popularity. We have said it before that PF is finished and by the time we reach 2021 PF will be addressing the same people throughout the Country. It’s you PF who is in the habit of self-cheating by ferrying people from all over the Country. UPND has no luxury of resources to ferry people for a card renewal exercise.

It’s very sad and shameful to link innocent people of Kitwe to the cholera outbreak. It’s such careless talk that has destroyed PF. Linking our people to the outbreak of cholera is a very big insult to the Zambians and this issue will be adequately dealt with come campaign time. You’ll know the consequences of such careless talk.

On the other hand, this has exposed this PF regime that as a Country we don’t have enough toilets facilities to carter for our people. You are simply expressing your failure to run this Country properly and its better you leave office before you bring cholera to the Copper belt and blame it on UPND and HH.  We are not going to allow you kill innocent people on the Copper belt just for your political expedience.

We are fully aware that after that card renewal exercise you are panicking, but the truth of the matter is that what you saw in Kitwe is just a tip of the iceberg. You are yet to be more embarrassed when we start telling people how you have plundered this Country. You will know what Zambians are capable of doing when you push them too far. You will bring your image builders and nothing will change. Zambians are resolved to kick you out.

When you deny us permits you think you are fixing us, what you don’t understand is that you are just destroying yourselves especially by blaming HH on useless things that are not improving the living standards of a Zambian. You are in a self-destruction mode.

Come 2021 that’s when you will see sense in what we are telling you now, this time its UBUFUMU BU SHETA AMENSHI. (Instead of drinking water you are busy chewing it.) MUKALILA IFILAMBA IFYA FITA FITITI. (Come that time you will shed very back tears.)

Percy Chanda

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