Declare hunger a disaster and reduce the mealie meal price now, HH urges State

President Hakainde Hichilema has asked government to immediately implement measures that will cushion mealie meal shortages and make it affordable to avert a possible crisis.

And President  Hichilema says it is not too late for government to declare hunger situation as an emergency so as to attract international Aid.

He said his visit revealed that mealie meal was not only expensive but there was also a shortage and the majority of the citizens are not able to cope with the high price.

Speaking to the media after his visit to Mandevu constituency in Lusaka today, Mr Hichilema said the price of mealie meal is too high for most families and it’s short supply was causing the price to increase further.

“One has to hunt for a 25 kilogram bag for over an hour because  even traders who have it are opting to sale pamelas because they are making more money that way. We managed to buy a 25 kilogram bag at K220 but how many families can afford that with this economy,” asked Mr Hichilema.

He said the country has been subjected to the short supply and high mealie meal prices because the government did not heed the warnings from the UPND from as far back as 2016.

“Hunger leads to anger and when the people get angry because of hunger they should not accuse us of inciting them. We have given them free advice to put measure to reduce the price and make mealie available now before it’s too late,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said once in office, his government will reduce the price of fertiliser apart from implementing policies that would make the agriculture sector viable.

He bemoaned the high price of fertiliser saying 40 percent of it is as a result of corruption and failure to plan by the PF government.

“Even before we implement policy measures, our zero tolerance to corruption will bring down the price by 40 percent,” he said.

Mr Hichilema was yesterday in Mandevu constituency where he visited the funeral home of a party youth who died last week.

Mr Hichilema consoled the family of Raphael Ngomocha popularly known as Boboza amongst his peers.

The late Boboza was recently in Chilubi for the campaigns and fell ill shortly after his arrival from the campaigns.

“You must be consoled that he died while fighting for the economic liberation of this country. We must also remain prayerful and hopeful that one day we will benefit from his efforts and contributions to our struggle,” said Mr Hichilema.


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