Davis Mwila and PF are bad bitter Losers

We note the elections post-mortem statement issued by the PF Secretary General Davis Mwila over the severe whipping of PF at the hands of the mighty UPND, in yesterday’s by election in Ilambo Ward in Lupososhi, in Northern Province. Mwila is an excellent example of a bible student who studied the book of lamentations as a major in his course, and appear to have memorized it from first page to the last.

Mwila and the PF are now bawling like toddlers and howling like rabid dogs, over a loss whose reasons are very clear for all to see. The people of Zambia in general and the people of Northern Province in particular have rejected you and your outgoing party ba Mwila, and no amount of excuses will substitute that glaring fact.

Blaming the Northern Province Minister is flogging a dead horse bane, he’s innocent, it’s the people that have decided.

As a matter of fact, what happened to the so called ‘Northern Province Operation dismantle UPND’, initiated by one Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba anointed by Edgar Lungu?

Mr Mwila lost a Parliamentary constituency election in 2016 to an independent candidate who was literary backed by no party. How can he now claim not to understand how PF lost in Ilambo Ward of Lupososhi constituency, when he is a perfect example of a bad bitter loser? Let him lead by example by showing some magnanimity because he has experience in losing, instead of allegations of an imaginary and poor excuse of ‘gayism’.

Let the PF and Davis Mwila stop insulting the collective intelligence of our gallant voters in Ilambo with these unfounded allegations. As a matter of fact, the people of this Ward and the constituency as a whole have expressed outrage at the PF Secretary General’s unsubstantiated claims of ‘gayism’ against them, and have promised to beat the living daylights out of this corrupt, panic stricken outgoing party in 2021.

The PF must appreciate they are a bunch of losers and their fortunes are thinning out by the day. Luanshya, Sesheke, Kaoma and now Lupososhi is a good example of bad losing coming from a clearly fatigued, visionless and directionless party.

UPND 2021, Punkamo na Lopola and no amount of singing by your rogue musicians will change the minds of Zambians to vote back criminals, robbers and corrupt ridden thieves of Mukula trees.

Patrick Mucheleka
*Deputy Secretary General*

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