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Founded in 1998, the United Party for National Development (UPND) is a national party that stands for progress, good governance, and a prosperous united Zambia. The UPND philosophy is to promote and support economic and social services that promote social justice within a mixed economy. UPND believes that Government has business being in business while at the same time allowing the private sector to thrive.

First President

Anderson Mazoka was a skillful and popular politician in his leadership of the United Party for National Development (UPND). He led the party to be Zambia’s main opposition party in a few years of his leadership. One can speculate that he would have captured the next election if he had not died.
Mr. Mazoka died of kidney complications in Johannesburg, South Africa on 24 May 2006. He was 63 years old. He was succeeded in the UPND by Hakainde Hichilema. He was married to Christine Mutinta and had four children Macenje, Mutinta, Pasina, and Anderson Jr.
“May his soul rest in peace?”

Current President 

HH is a focused politician, driven by his unwavering desire to see Zambia realize its full potential by harnessing its valuable resources, people, and natural resources, to improve the quality of life for all its citizens. Anchored on his respect for equality of all citizens, rule of law, and the democratic rights for every citizen to the unconditional association and free speech, he has and continues to exhibit leadership and political maturity to navigate all political challenges thrown his way in the ever tighten political space in the country. His fight to uplift the standards of living for all Zambians has no limits of personal sacrifice. All for the love of his fellow Zambians, that he wishes to one day experience the Zambia they all aspire to and envision. A Zambia that guarantees present and future economic well-being for all its people– east, south, north, and west. A truly free Zambia, where every Zambian is motivated to participate and contribute to the fulfillment of its economic agenda free of the fear of persecution or harassment. A truly free Zambia in every sense– economically politically, socially, and religious beliefs.

National Management Committee (NMC) 

The party is governed by the National Management Committee. This is the decision-making body of the party. Major decisions are usually made via a secretary vote. Eradication of poverty, Economic growth, Good Governance with the eradication of corruption will form part of the Party’s priorities once in power. UPND and its leader have the Zambian people at heart. The Country can be one of the best governed in Africa and UPND believes it will achieve this within the first year of taking overpower. Zambia will be made into a prosperous Country.

Rescource Rich Zambia

Zambia is a Land enabled country endowed with vast natural resources. It is therefore a travesty that the country should struggle economically. Below are some of the natural resources that can be used effectively and turn the country into an economic powerhouse in Africa. UPND once in power shall utilize these resources effectively for the betterment of all citizens and equally for all provinces. UPND will appoint people to all positions on merit for effective service delivery.


Zambia is one of the largest copper producers in the world. The country has the potential to effectively extract its minerals. UPND will modernize operations as well as add value to most minerals. Zambia produces minerals such as Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Coal, Gold, Silver, Uranium, and Several precious metals such as Emeralds, etc. Other Industrial Minerals such as Barite, Feldspar, Graphite, Iron Ore, Kaolin, Silica Sand, and Talc.

Agriculture and Fisheries

Zambia can and will under the leadership of UPND become Africa’s breadbasket. Zambia has some of the best open water table landscape such as Rivers, Lakes, Swamps, Dams, etc. The country has some of the biggest Rivers, Dams, and Lakes in Africa (Zambezi, Luapula, Kafue, Lwangwa, Kariba, Tanganyika, Bagwewulu, Lake Mweru, Lukanga Swamps, etc) it has an abundance of underground water as well as good to average rainfall. UPND will utilize these resources effectively. Zambia has a very big arable land with fertile soil to grow a vast majority of crops. As UPND, we believe no child should ever go hungry in our Country.


This will be made a top Foreign Exchange earner for the country. Zambia has one of the world’s natural wonder, the Victoria Falls as well as other falls such as Mumbuluma, Chisimba, and Kundalila Falls among others. It is also game parks such as shown on the map below: Under UPND, Zambia will be made into a preferred tourism destination.


Zambia has both hardwood and softwood in abundance. UPND will utilize these trees effectively to benefit all Zambians and in an eco-friendly way.

Financial and Technology

Zambian youths are ready to lead in this industry. UPND will create capacity and opportunities for citizens to acquire skills to compete effectively globally.

We are Committed

On average living expenses have increased by 135% in the 5 years of Lungu’s presidency translating to extremely poor performance by the President.


HH is a proven economic Manager
Bally’s as well as his team’s leadership during economic difficulties is needed!

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people HE has chosen as His inheritance.” Palms 33:12

There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”
― Martin Luther King Jr


  • Eradicate corruption
  • Economic growth
  • Good governance
  • Focused leadership
  • HH arrested 14 times but determined
  • Able to Face challenges and solve them with distinction
  • Equity to all 10 provinces
  • Equity to all 73 tribes
  • United for a prosperous Zambia

Zambians can trust HH

Call to all Zambians
UPND is Committed to Zambia
Don't make an Mistake
By voting PF, they have too tribal
Against all odds, UPND is 10 x stronger
PF has allowed thuggery in there ranks

Facts About PF and Lungu

Fuel is up


January 2015 (K7.60) / January 2020 (K17.80), this equates to a 134% increase in the cost of petrol in the 5 years Lungu has been President.

Foreign Currency up


January 2015 (K6.45) / August 2020 (K19. 50) This equates to of over 135% depreciation of the kwacha in the 5 years Lungu has been President.

Mealie Meal up


January 2015 (K68) / January 2020 (K170)
This equates to a 135% increase in the cost of mealie meal in the 5 years Lungu has been President.

National debt up


January 2015 ($4.7 Billion) / January 2020 ($11.2 Billion) This equates to a 138% increase in the national debt in the 5 years Lungu has been President.

Inflation up


January 2015 (7.81%) / January 2020 (13.9%) This equates to an 80% increase in the inflation rate in the 5 years Lungu has been President.

Facts About UPND and HH

Facts About UPND and HH

Stabilize fuel prices, by applying prudence. Reduce by smart sourcing

Stable foreign Currency

Apply prudence on National debt

Stabilise inflation

Inflation will be stabilised


“When UPND win, we will not arrest former Presidents, corrupt Ministers…we will not be vengeful…our efforts will be to restore the glory of this country, fight for the rights of people, their basic life, we will focus on restoring the economy, improving lives” – HH

“When PF was in opposition, over 30 MPs defected to MMD then in power, including 4 secretary generals and everyone was like PF is finished, they can’t form a government. Well, corrupt money attracted those people to defect but in 2011, PF won power after people thought the staged defections meant that it was losing support I urge UPND members to keep the eye on the ball, we are near winning. It gets darker before sunrise – HH

Why HH Is Good For The Economy

These are factual credentials that his opponents are too fearful to talk about. They smear his name with rumors and concocted allegations because they want to shield the truth from Zambians. The same way they accused Mazoka of contributing to the job losses in the mines, is the same strategy they have used against HH. When PF get intellectually challenged, they always resort to lies. But whatever the case you can’t take away the following from HH. You might not love him, but the presidency is not a romantic affair it is a duty.

Our Commitment Measure

Youth empowerment


Management of the Economy


Restoration of the rule of law


Corruption eradication


Enhance Women's rights


10 Point Plan



Pie Chart

Year one growth

Within a year, results will show

Year two economy stabilized

Year three

Value to the country will be noticeable

Year four