Beware: PF Desperation Reaches Alarming Levels, Starts Reprinting Hate Speech Against HH.

Desperation in the PF has reached alarming levels as they have lost the ground support as we approach the formality election of 2021. They have tried all manner of mudslinging the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema but nothing seems to be sticking.

We have since received reliable information that they have shamelessly and wantonly diverted millions of dollars of tax payers money to pay selected print media outlets to start running the Chanda Chimba III type of propaganda, targeting HH.  Since they have nothing tangible to accuse HH on, their propaganda will be on the same tired subjects of Privatization, Satanism, Gay Rights, Tribalism, the list is endless. The idea is to divert attention from the many PF scandals such as the Mukula theft, load shedding, high cost of Mealie meal, $42m for 42 fire trucks, overpriced road contracts, unpaid retirees, lack of jobs for the youths, bill 10 and numerous other failures including their reckless fight with the United States over corruption.

The newspaper propaganda will run for 6 months after which they will review the impact and possibly relaunch another wave of attacks. We therefore urge the public to ignore this rubbish and continue demanding for answers and accountability of public funds justice and civil liberties . As UPND,  we shall not be distracted by this because this is not new to us. That is the tool they have been using, but Zambians are no longer gullible. They exactly  know the behaviour exhibited by outgoing governments. The same trick was used by the MMD on PF but Zambians were able to read between the lines. The PF are following the same script where they will market us for free and we are grateful. They are too dumb to even listen to the free advice Dr Edgar Ngoma has given them that the more they attack HH, the more popular and invincible he becomes. Remember there is no bad publicity.

Our focus in the coming months is not to respond to their propaganda, but to continue exposing the thefts and failures of the PF government and offer alternative solutions. We are not going to engage in politics of name calling and character assassination. The PF have already done enough on their own.

We keep calling all Zambians across the board to join our crusade to remove the failed PF government and usher in a team that will bring economic liberation. We can’t afford another five years of failed leadership of these Mukula thieves and corrupt criminals.

Issued by:

*Steven Katuka*

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  1. Viva mr katuka viva upnd, zambia forward tell these criminals to pay back the money they stole from zambians after disolution of parliament in 2016
    viva hh 2021 here we come, front door to state house.

  2. bazamuziba yesu. nankwe nankwe, make sure you freeze their account and assets to recover all what they have stolen and plundered.


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