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The UPND was established in December 1998 under the leadership of Anderson Mazoka, who had left the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) shortly beforehand. Mazoka was the party’s presidential candidate for the 2001 general elections, finishing second with 27% of the vote, less than 2% behind the winner Levy Mwanawasa of the MMD. In the National Assembly elections, the UPND won 49 seats, becoming the second largest party after the MMD.
During the 2016 elections, the UPND increased the number of seats in the national assembly to 58 MPs’, the party was arguably robbed via rigging by about 1% (13 000 votes) in the presidential elections. The elections were marred by vast vote irregularities. Prior to the elections, the party suffered brutal violence at the hands of PF. This has since continued to this day. The counting of the elections was preceded with missing forms to record the outcomes and wrong possibly results announced by the presiding officers. The party challenged the outcome, but this case was never heard by the courts due to alleged political interference.
The party is governed by the National Management Committee. This is the decision-making body of the party. Major decisions are usually made via a secretary vote. Eradication of poverty, Economic growth, Good Governance with eradication of corruption will form party of the Party’s priorities once in power. UPND and its leader have the Zambian people at heart. The Country can be one of the best governed in Africa and UPND believes it will achieve this within the first year of taking over power. Zambia will be made into a prosperous Country.

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Hakainde Hichilema

Act of destruction, violence, and persecution threatens our political freedom. We must protect this precious inheritance by continuing to stand for liberty in our nation.


When a person’s opinion or political views differ from yours, they are not your enemy. We must embrace diversity and respect those who oppose us


It is our duty to carry this nation, to wrestle it away from negative elements, thuggery in our markets, in bus stops, and workplaces.

Politic Progress


UPND Zambias' Economic Understanding


UPND Dedication to Zambia


All Zambians are equal and should have equal opportunities
Let us do contract discrimination for the benefit of the Zambians in order to address unemployment. This is a quick win and effective way. Friends, I urge you not to pay attention to anyone that seeks to divide us on tribal or partisan lines. We have always expressed willingness to assist the PF in the fight against COVID-19, as well as interventions that will rescue our economy.
Hakainde Hichilema

UPND Media Team

As UPND Media team, we are dedicated to Zambia and we pledge to inform Zambia’s of all ages about what the party stands for and what we shall do once in power.