150 PF Members in Chilubi Defects to UPND

he Patriotic Front has continued living in a fool’s paradise by spreading falsehoods that the United Party for National Development candidate in the Chilubi Parliamentary by election has resigned from the party when Stanslaus Chele is dismantling their structures in Chilubi constituency.

While the PF propaganda
machine was busy consoling their members through social media, the UPND campaign team was in Mpansha ward of Chilubi receiving over 150 national registration and voter cards-carrying PF members who have rejected their candidate on moral grounds.

“The PF are in panic mode, they don’t believe what is happening on the ground. People are getting their regalia, money and food but they are assuring us that its don’t Kubeba,” Mr Chele told the villagers he was addressing.

Elderly men, women and youths all agreed that the PF has been a wasted project that has thrived on lies to sustain itself in government.


Watch video Chilubi PF members Defect to UPND

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