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Zambia Forward The difference between PF and UPND is what we bring to the table, knowledge of the financial markets and economics, we are business people. We understand the economy, this economy is broken. – Hakainde Hichilema READ MORE Keep Moving
You are welcome to go forward with us. Never look behind. Take charge change for a better Zambia READ MORE
Bally a Candidate for the People The Youths of Zambia have decided that Bally is there candidate and next President of Zambia. READ MORE
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UPND Zambia elections 2021

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      Zambia Forward

      We always look forward. We will never retreat or surrender. Zambia has to be liberated


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      Hakainde Hichilema

      Why HH Is Good for The Economy

      These are factual credentials that his opponents are too fearful to talk about. They smear his name with rumours and concocted allegations because they want to shield the truth from Zambians. The same way they accused Mazoka of contributing to the job losses in the mines, is the same strategy they have used against HH. When PF get intellectually challenged, they always resort to lies. But whatever the case you can’t take away the following from HH. You might not love him, but the presidency is not a romantic affair it is a duty.

      1. It’s the economy stupid

      PF is under-performing not because they lost Kalaba and Kambwili, it is the economy stupid!

      1. Foresight

      This is another attribute you can’t take away from HH. His propensity to save and invest at a young age says a lot about his foresightedness. Business experience

      1. Multi-skill set

      He has experience in farming, real estate, livestock, manufacturing, mining, consultancy, pension management and international finance.

      1. Prudence

      Has anyone ever wondered why HH’s political rivals have failed to squeeze HH’s business? It all because of proper organization and solid business deals.

      1. Rule of law

      No matter how many times PF call HH violent, he has always reacted with civility and believed in due process.

      1. International finance

      Ignorant hypocritical PF vuvuzelas have always scandalised HH for sourcing finance oversees, yet they do the same with Eurobonds.

      1. Passion for education

      The passion HH has for free education is a personal matter. He is living testimony that education is more of an investment than a cost.

      1. Birds of the same feathers

      HH has also shown his ability to work though others. His ability to successfully run various businesses proves his eye for talent and knack of oversight.

      1. He is not a good politician

      This is the reason we should vote for HH, because he is not a good politician. It is a complement to some of us. He has no wako ni wako message like Banda and cant sweet talk us like Chiluba did.

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